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KATSAN Absorbable Sutures


Polyglycolic Acid Rapid

ALCASORB® RAPID sutures are synthetic absorbable sterile surgical sutures which are made of Polyglycolic Acid. The braided structure of the suture is coated; prepared by Calcium Stearate and Polycaprolactone structure.

In order to ease of operation, ALCASORB® RAPID sutures are colored violet or undyed (natural, beige). ALCASORB® RAPID sutures are presented in USP 6/0 - USP 2 gauge sizes in a variety of lengths from 10 cm to 150cm, as non-needled or attached to stainless steel needles of varying types and sizes.

$98.00 GST excl.
Single Box Price | 12 Sutures per Box
B0519Z3T75 ALCASORB® PGAR - ALCASORB® PGAR - PGA Rapid, USP 3/0, 19mm, 1/2, Cutting Edge, 75cm, Dyed
B0520V4T75 ALCASORB® PGAR - ALCASORB® PGAR - PGA Rapid, USP 3/0, 20mm, 3/8, Reverse Cutting, 75cm, Dyed
B0526V3T75 ALCASORB® PGAR - ALCASORB® PGAR - PGA Rapid, USP 3/0, 26mm, 3/8, Cutting Edge, 75cm, Dyed
Suture characteristics Absorbable Multifilament Synthetic
Chemical structure 100% Polyglycolic Acid, synthetic, absorbable braided surgical suture
Coating Polycaprolactone & Calcium Sterate
Colour Violet - Undyed
Wound support ~ 10-14 days
Absorbtion ~ 40-45 days
Tensile Strength 5th day ~50% | 14th day ~0% wound support
USP range 6/0 - 2
Sterilization characteristics Gamma Irradiation
Product characteristics Excellent tensile strength, high knot safety
Packaging In aluminum foil packages, with needle or without needle
Needle types Taper point, reverse cutting, taper cut, blunt point, diamond, spatula, straight
Suture Length 10 to 150cm

Ophthalmic Surgery, Urology, Odontology, Gynaecology, Paediatric Surgery, Oral Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Skin Closure