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It's even easier to find the sutures you need.

  • If you're new to KATSAN sutures, use our brand comparison tool to quickly find KATSAN sutures that match other brands you're familiar with.
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See all the suture details, where you need them

Every suture now as an individual product page containing all of the details in one place.

e.g.- ALCALACTINE® PGLA - PGLA, USP 5/0, 18mm, 3/8, Reverse Cutting, 75cm, Dyed

More detailed suture lists

On each suture type page, you can expand a suture tow to see the atraumatic needle type & needle form details for that specific suture.


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We've replaced our e-commerce platform for a better customer experience.

Our shopping cart now appears to the right side of the page, so that you can easily add and remove products, and adjust quantities. It will automatically appear when you add products to the cart.

On your first check-out, you can create an account. This makes it easy for you to track your previous orders, and re-order the same products again later.

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