ALCADINONE® PDO - PDO, USP 5/0, 13mm, 3/8, Cutting Edge, 75cm, Dyed


ALCADINONE® sutures are synthetic absorbable sterile surgical sutures which are made of Polydioxanone. In order to ease of operation, ALCADINONE® sutures are coloured FDA approved D&C violet No: 2.

ALCADINONE® sutures are presented in USP 6/0 - USP 2 gauge sizes in a variety of lengths from 10 cm to 150 cm, as non-needled or attached to stainless steel needles of varying types and sizes.

Areas of usage:

Orthopaedic Surgery (tendon, joint capsule), Soft Tissue Approximations, General Surgery, Dermatology, Ligations, Cardiovascular Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Urology, Ophthalmic Surgery, Abdominal Wall Closure

3/8 Circle3/8 CircleCutting Edge

$168.00 GST excl.

Single Box Price | 12 Sutures per Box

Suture characteristics
Absorbable Monofilament Synthetic
Chemical structure
Polydioxanone. Stythetic absorbable, monofilament surgical suture
Wound support
~ 60 days
~ 180-210 days
Tensile strength
2nd week ~ 70-75% | 4th week ~ 50-60%
USP range
6/0 - 2
Sterilization characteristics
EO (Ethylene Oxide)
Product characteristics
Reliable, long-term, strong wound support
In aluminum foil package with needle or without needle
Needle types
Taper point, reverse cutting, cutting edge, taper cut, blunt point, diamond, spatula, straight
Suture lengths
10 - 150cm