ALCALACTINE RAPID® PGLAR - PGLA RAPID, USP 3/0, 16mm, 1/2, Taper Point, 75cm, Dyed


ALCALACTINE® sutures are synthetic absorbable sterile surgical sutures which are composed of a copolymer made from 90% glycolide and 10% L-lactic acid. The braided structure of the suture is coated with a mixture of Calcium Stearate and Polyglycolic Acid (30%) - lactic acid (70%).

ALCALACTINE® RAPID sutures are colored violet or undyed (natural beige).  ALCALACTINE® RAPID sutures are presented in USP 6/0 – USP 2 gauge sizes in a variety of lengths from 10 cm to 150 cm, as non-needled or attached to stainless steel needles of varying types and sizes.

Areas of usage:

Urology, Ophthalmic Surgery, Superficial Soft Tissue Approximation, Odontology, Gynaecology, Paediatric Surgery. Coated multifilament – minimum wound trauma, minimum capillarity ease of knot tying and adjustability.

1/2 Circle1/2 CircleTaper Point

$182.00 GST excl.

Single Box Price | 12 Sutures per Box

Suture characteristics
Absorbable Multifilament
Chemical structure
90% glycolide and 10% L-lactic acid synthetic, absorbable, braided surgical suture
Calcium Stearate and Poly(glycolic Acid (30%) - lactic acid (70%)
Violet - Undyed
Wound support
~ 10-14 days
~ 40-45 days
Tensile strength
5th day ~ 50% | 14th day ~0% wound support
USP range
6/0 - 2
Sterilization characteristics
Gamma Irradiation
Product characteristics
Excellent tensile strength, excellent knot tying, minimum tissue reaction
In aluminum foil packages, with needle or without needle
Needle types
Taper point, reverse cutting, taper cut, blunt point, diamond, spatula, straight
Suture lengths
10 to 150cm